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Mayas Restaurant

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fish basket nw

Exequiel Soltero, owner of Maya's Mexican Restaurant Inc, since 1979 knows it takes many ingredients to make a successful business. When declining sales forced him to sell two of his four restaurants in 2001 and 2002, he beefed up his catering division and turned it into a lucrative sideline.

Maya's Mexican Restaurant grows corporate catering service to offset dining slowdown - Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle): Under the UW business school students' guidance, family-owned Maya's, which had mostly relied on word-of-mouth to promote its catering service and Mobile food taco trucks in 2016 Maya’s purchase The Fish Basket NW mobile food truck to enhance the already successful mobile food trucks.

I'm glad to give this place 5 stars.

Excellent food and superb service.

I had the Lobster Roll and it was perfection in every bite.... The fries were even tasty and good in an original way. It's very rare for me to approve so highly of a place so fast, but without a doubt this has won a 5 star review.

 The fish was very fresh, perfectly crispy and flakey, with a thin coat of breading. I also really, really like their chips. There's some sort of crack coating on the chips that makes it impossible to just eat one.

This place is awesome! I had the king crab roll today at the Mercer Island Farmers Market, and it was so tasty and full of meat! It was hard for me to stray from the crispy salmon tacos, but it was worth it. Thanks, y'all!



9447 Rainier Ave S.

Seattle WA 98118




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